"Your work and time helped our board members to align objectives, brainstorm ideas and begin focusing on the process of selecting the next CEO of the San Diego/Imperial Counties American Red Cross Chapter. You (opened) the dialogue that has allowed our board to develop the strategies that will guide this search."

Richard S. Ledford
Chair, American Red Cross Board of Directors


In an athletic team, just bringing the best players together on a field is no assurance of success. Likewise, world-class executive and team performance comes only as a result of hard work that capitalizes on strengths while drilling away relentlessly on areas of weakness. Being the best is a continual process: a stretch experience.

The Steve Alexander Group has been proud to work alongside hundreds of individuals and teams in settings varying from the boardroom to city hall to the front office to help them operate at their highest potential.

Executive Coaching: Great leaders recognize the value of continuous improvement in their performance, which must rise to meet new challenges and responsibilities throughout their careers. We help executives identify the success they would like to produce in both their work and their lives, chart a roadmap for them to achieve it, and work alongside them to remove obstacles to their achievement. Our clients enjoy more fulfilling careers, better work/life balance, lower levels of stress and uncertainty, and empowered relationships at work and home.

Training and Team Building: High performance teams demand high performance coaching to maximize their effectiveness. Our extensive experience in custom-designed training, coaching, mediation and facilitation makes this process meaningful and highly effective (even fun!), bringing together everyone's input and allowing the best ideas to developed naturally in a safe environment. We establish common goals, resolve conflicts, and inspire a collaborative spirit that harnesses the team's collective strength in a way that's unmatched.

Board & Leadership Development: Board members bring varied backgrounds to the table, with diverse skills sets, professional experience, communication patterns and expectations, making it challenging to work at peak productivity. We work diligently and confidentially with board members, both individually and as a group, to establish strong governance practices, develop cogent processes for setting strategy, supercharge fundraising activity, attract and retain the best talent, and work together effectively as a team. Board members both experienced and new will benefit from our training, which helps them understand their role and fiduciary responsibilities more clearly, identify and resolve conflicts non-confrontationally, and be the strongest possible contributor to the success of the organization.

Whether your enterprise is established or new, large or small, succeeding or experiencing adverse business conditions, we are confident we can take your performance to a level that will show up in increased customer satisfaction, greater leadership and staff gratification, a common sense of achievement and hard dollars and cents results.

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