"I have worked with a great many facilitators at San Diego State University, at other universities, and in other organizations. Simply put, Steve Alexander is the best I have ever encountered."

Stephen L. Weber
President, San Diego State University


The Steve Alexander Group takes pride in offering our valued clients uncommon solutions to their facilitation, strategic planning and conflict resolution challenges. Our facilitation, strategic planning and mediation process is customized to meet each client's objectives, yet builds on a tradition of proven techniques. With years of experience, we've developed successful ways to engage our participants and ensure results that are based on agreement and collaboration.

Here's how we work: In facilitation and planning, we begin by dialoguing with you to set parameters and guidelines and clarify goals and objectives. The facilitator coaches the team to its maximum performance, managing its group dynamics, processes, expectations, tangible outcomes, success measures and milestones. Whether it’s for a traditional strategic planning process, facilitation of major organizational change, team-building or something that’s out-of-the-box, we start with you and your expectations.

Our mediation services are designed to help organizations and businesses move from disagreement to resolution through shared goals and effective communications.

Throughout our process, we use proven techniques to maintain focus and momentum, including checkpoints and regular consensus/non-consensus tracking tools. An environment of trust and respect is established in order to bring out the best, most honest and essential content from each of the team members -- allowing for a wide variety of styles, attitudes, and personalities.

The Steve Alexander Group believes in developing majority and alternative views, yielding a "lessons learned" and pragmatic approach to dialogue and decision-making, strategic planning and setting the mission and vision for your organization.

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