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Stephen L. Weber, Ph.D.
President, San Diego State University

Scott Peters
Former Council President, City of San Diego

P. Lamont Ewell
Former City Manager, City of Santa Monica

Alan Bersin
Former Board Chairman, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority;
Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Special Representative for Border Affairs, informally known as the "Border Czar"

Bill Leahy
Executive Director, The Big Sur Land Trust

Christine Trimble
Vice President, Public Affairs, QUALCOMM

Ruth Lyn Reidel, Ph.D.
Former President and CEO, Alliance Healthcare Foundation

Lucy Killea
California State Senator, Retired

Judy Forrester
Executive Director, LEAD San Diego

Mark Ochenduszko
City Manager, City of Coronado

Crystal Crawford
Mayor, City of Del Mar

Sylvia Panetta
The Panetta Institute

George Loveland
Assistant City Manager, City of San Diego, Retired

Carol Baudler
Vice President of Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy

Kim Elliott
Project Director of the Naval Training Center, McMillin Development

Terry Watt
Planning Consultant, Watt and Associates

Eileen Angelos
Communications Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Henry Little
Central Coast Managing Director/Hearst Project Team Leader, The Nature Conservancy

John Eger
Executive Director, International Center for Communications, San Diego State University

Kent Evans
Past President, The Big Sur Land Trust

Rebecca Shaw
Director, Science and Conservation Planning, The Nature Conservancy

Roger Wong
Assistant City Manager, City of Watsonville

John Fairbank
Public Opinion Research, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin and Associates, Inc.

Don Del Rio
General Counsel, San Diego Data Processing Corporation

Lisa Briggs
Former President and CEO, San Diego County Taxpayers Association

John Moot and Mike McDade
Attorneys, Sullivan Wertz McDade Wallace
Former Chula Vista City Councilman / Former San Diego Mayoral Chief of Staff

Bas Hargrove
Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy, Idaho

Jim Colangelo
Former City Manager, City of Pacific Grove

Jim Madaffer
Former City Councilman, City of San Diego

Jim Sulentich
Executive Director, Santa Lucia Conservancy

Charlene Zettel
Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

David B. Wescoe
Executive Administrative Director, Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans

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