"Your consultation during our strategic planning process was exceptional and far superior to any previous strategic planning processes in which I have participated. What you were able to accomplish in such a short time has truly changed the way we do things and generated results that not only exceeded any of my expectations, but border on the miraculous."

Allison Rolfe
Policy Director, San Diego Coastkeeper


For any organization that aspires to be highly visible to its key constituents, customers, partners, investors, government officials, media outlets, and more, careful thought must precede action. What does it mean to think first in this context? Both a strong offense and defense must be in place, in detailed, measurable strategic and crisis communications programs. "Ready, fire, aim" can be ineffective and costly.

The Steve Alexander Group has the experience to help you harness the power of strategic communications to build and protect your business and your organization, including:

Insightful, Effective Planning: We will lead you to the development of a thoughtful, focused and clear plan of action to achieve your organization's goals and the goals of any particular project. Our work begins by understanding the root level of what you do: your organization's overall mission, vision, goals and objectives, your key messages, and your target audiences. No program can be successful unless it clearly identifies what behavioral change you want from your audience in order to achieve your objectives and unless the plan establishes a means of measuring the impact that results.

High Impact Messaging: We identify both the rational and emotive messages that best communicate the strengths and key differentiators of your business to your most valuable constituents in good times and bad. It isn't enough to give your audience a logical reason to do what you want them to do; they must be motivated at an emotional level to take the action you desire.

Tactical Perfection: With a clear understanding of your business, audience, objectives, and messaging in hand, a set of creative, highly effective tactics will emerge naturally. Our team will take those tactics and carry them out with precision, producing an outcome that is measurable and achievable.

Crisis Planning and Communication: Many organizations fall into the trap of thinking crisis communications is only necessary when trouble hits; it should be an ongoing point of planning and discussion. We'll help you anticipate and build an internal process that will ensure smooth, clear communications in times of crisis, shepherding your organization and your audiences through every step of the way. If the crisis has already hit, we are prepared to step in at a moment's notice to establish order and control over your communications in a way that will make an immediate difference in the way your organization is perceived throughout the crisis, and continually focuses on your long-term goals beyond the crisis itself.

In times of rapid growth, change, success, or even in the midst of crisis or urgent issues, we can help you use strategic communications to achieve success far beyond your expectations.

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