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Posted December 14th, 2009 by The Steve Alexander Group

There’s so much available on the ‘net now that it’s hard sifting through it all to find what’s useful to your needs. I’ll be doing a series of blogs on a few places to go and things to do we’ve found useful in our client work and for staying on top of the information and resources important in our field of communications, media, coaching and public affairs.

Facilitation 101 – Two places to check out what we do in our facilitation work and how to get a sense of what really matters are the IAP2 and IAF sites. IAP2 is the International Association of Public Participation – if you want to know about best practices, here’s the place. IAF is the International Association of Facilitators; mostly a place for us facilitator-types, however, it gives you a good idea of the kind of standards and ethics you should expect from a pro.

More to come in future posts. Just a few to get you thinking and experimenting. If you have favorites of your own, pass them along and we’ll take a look and post here what we think our connected world might find useful and interesting.

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  1. HG says:

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