Make and fulfill your promises… AND over deliver!

Posted February 24th, 2010 by Steve Alexander

How many times have your heard the phrase from management, sales and related industries, “Under promise, over deliver?” It’s one of those phrases we just take for granted, without thinking about the real implications. It’s a bit insincere if you really stop and reflect. If you know you can promise to deliver something (goods, services, commitment, support, you name it), then why mislead the recipient of that promise? Especially if they’re  someone you value. Like a co-worker, client, customer, friend or family member. No one, ourselves included, really likes feeling manipulated.

What if, instead, we made a promise to deliver, “on time, accurately and as requested,” and then went above and beyond to do it with enthusiasm, excitement and a real sense of commitment to the person and their needs?

“I promise to give you not only what you ask for, on time and based on your expectations, in addition, I’ll do my very best to exceed your expectations,  to deliver with pride, ownership and commitment to you and your best interests!”

Now there’s an attitude and actions deserving of “exceeds expectations” on the next evaluation. Think about the impact on your co-workers, kids, peers, friends, family, clients, customers, students, (fill in the blank).

Next time you hear the phrase from yourself or someone else, let’s see if you can meet the challenge and get them to do the same. “I promise to do my best to meet and exceed your expectations, and to do so with your best interests in mind!”

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  1. Anne Szymanski says:

    I think this article is so very important and especially …”And over deliver!”
    People like to feel special and this is a special treatment that brings back twofold to a business or even everyday communication.

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