Rodriguez Redux

Posted October 6th, 2012 by The Steve Alexander Group

In the cacophony of this intense political season in the US, it’s worth taking a pause from all the noise to reflect on the values that matter in our lives. It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of this stuff. Even more, to become ‘righteous’ about it.

Hence, why the story I shared last time about this humble man named Sixto Rodriguez must have captured the imaginations and yearning in so many. I can’t otherwise explain everything that’s happened since.

We received so many responses to the last post about the amazing documentary about Sixto Rodriguez, it seemed a sequel was in order. And for those who thought it was just a movie review, this man’s amazing story serves as an inspiration to all of us who work, live, socialize and otherwise interact with others of the human species!

The story of Rodriguez is almost unbelievable of itself. What has happened in the short time since my last post is, to me, even more so. First, I sent my blog to one of the documentary’s main characters, Stephen Segerman, the person who really ‘started it all’ with his search for Rodriguez. Turns out there was a connection there with one of our strategic partners, Orit Ostrowiak, who was born and raised in South Africa, and who is a worldwide speaker, coach and professional development trainer. We discovered Stephen and Orit shared the same tennis club in Johannesburg (albeit a few years apart).

Stephen posted our blog on the official “Searching for Sugar Man” website, commenting that he felt it captured the spirit of Rodriguez and what they were trying to express through the movie.

Now, just a couple of weeks later, the latest news is this story appearing in The Wrap, was forwarded to me by my friend and Cinema Society of San Diego director Andy Friedenberg. The story’s title is, “‘Searching for Sugar Man’ Rodriguez: From Poverty to Carnegie Hall.” It’s a must-read and gives additional insight into why I was so inspired by this man’s story.

Now, it turns out, ’60 Minutes’ will feature a story about his incredible journey on Sunday, 7 October 2012.

I can’t help but continue to feel inspired by this story. I’ve come across numerous others who were in some way touched by his music, his life, and now this unfolding story. He is playing to sold-out venues throughout the country and is touching a part in all of us through his gentle, quiet, humble notions about his newly-reclaimed fame.

Worth a listen, worth a look; I encourage you to check-out his story. There’s a message in it that’s timely. And maybe, for if even for a short time, it will take you away from all the ‘stuff’ that tends to take over when we’re on the fast track of our typically full and often over-stimulated lives.

If nothing else, I promise you’ll have ‘met’ a man who’s a modern-day soul that simply defines humility in a way I’ve not heard or seen in a long time.

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4 Responses to “Rodriguez Redux”

  1. Sally Romoser says:

    Wow, I see it’s still playing at La Jolla Landmark. Will have to catch it! It’s never too late, huh? Can use that inspiration! Thanks, Steve.

  2. Amazing how long it’s lasting at the theaters! I believe it’s because the message is timely and hits all the right notes, even though his life story and the music is from decades ago! What we know in the world of communications is how compelling a good story can be, right?

  3. Natalie Swallow says:

    We are going to the Rodriguez concert in Cape Town, South Africa on the 10th February 2013 and would love to have the cover of our album signed by Rodriguez. Any suggestions on how to go about this.

    Many thanks and regards

  4. We have no connection to the concert, so best I can offer is to get there early and up front if possible. We saw him in Boston and his demeanor is not unlike in the movie – quiet, humble, approachable. As they say in South Africa, “Hold thumbs!” and hope for the opportunity to approach him with your album.

    We’re all also hoping the film captures the Oscar for Best Documentary now that it’s been nominated. The story of his humility and quiet impact will continue to be told.

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